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Adobe Illustrator
This section of the AdDesk web site is dedicated to make sense of the complexities in electronic ad make-up and print advertising. Our goal is to ensure your ad works with our newspaper production systems and looks its' best in print. While it may sound simple, it all starts with making the ad the right size and getting it to us before deadline.
Ad Building Techniques
We provide easy-to-understand instructions for creating display ads in all popular ad make-up programs. The "Keys to Success" section covers important issues you should understand when creating print display ads. You'll be amazed how some simple suggestions in our "Tips and Tricks" pages will make your ad look better in print.
Creating Graphics
Using photos, logos and artwork can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your ad. Careful attention is necessary in order for your graphics to look as good in print as they do on-screen. Important topics include: graphic file formats for print reproduction, image resolution and color mode.
Preparing the File for Delivery
PDF is the preferred format for completed ads in the Magazine and Newspaper industries. Think of a PDF as an electronic photocopy of your ad. We'll show you how to set up Acrobat Distiller to create a PDF file that will result in your ad looking as good in print as it does on-screen.